Day With Nature...

Why Spend A Day With Nature?

Spending time in nature is relaxing. It lowers your blood pressure and gives your brain a break from the fast pace of our technological life that moves at a gazillion bytes per second.

Spending time in nature is aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes if you look really closely at a flower, or a leaf, and when you really LOOK at the design and detail of it: you’ll be in awe. We cannot make anything artificially that truly compares to the wonder of natural design.

Spending time in nature is healthy. As mentioned that it lowers your blood pressure; well, it also improves your immune system. Being in the woods can raise your white blood cell count. The smell of greens, the sunlight, the calming sounds all contribute to an overall healing effect on your body.

Spending time in nature is fun. When you walk around a track you would get bored and give up exercising. When you walk in the woods, sometimes for over an hour, and you don't even realize how much you have exercised because it is so much fun to explore the sights and sounds along the trail. If you don't have woods in your area, get yourself over to a park.

Spending time in nature is good for your soul. If you are quiet and mindful as you explore nature it will talk to your being. It will help inspire your spirituality, whatever your personal belief system is... it will be enhanced by the time you spend in the glory of the natural world.

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