Chaitanya Challenge

Adventure Sports / Challenge course

We have designed Challenge course, an entertaining cum educative programme for youths and school kids.
"Challenge course" is an area developed in the Chaitanya Agro farm, where kids, youth are introduced to different adventure sports activities in a very safe environment.
Different adventure activities are incorporated in such a manner, that the participants learn different skills, by doing respective activity.

Experiential learning

Outcomes of courses
  1. Exposed to a variety of adventure activities and programs.
  2. Increase the participant's sense of confidence.
  3. Increase mutual support within a group.
  4. Develop an increased level of agility and physical coordination.
  5. Develop an increased joy in one's physical self and in being with others.
  6. Develop an increased familiarity and identification with the natural world.

Various adventure elements incorporated in "Adventure Zone"

Burma Bridge Cob's web Parallel ropes Australian walk Stilt walk Vertical rope-ladder Dangle Duo Balance beam and many more .......