For Whom?

Chaitanya is a superb destination with natural environment for multipurpose activities. We, by heart support your purpose for arranging an event at Chaitanya.

  • School Camps
  • Corporate Trainings
  • Family Get Togather
  • Guest Stay

we offer

What We Offer?

At chaitanya we offer a glimpse of rural life in pure & natural environment. Being with nature relaxes your body & mind & reenergize you for day-to-day routine life.

  • Activities In Agro Farm
  • Rural Games
  • Organic Food
  • Natural Environment

U can do

What You Can Do?

You can enjoy a completely different life away from city crowd. There are so many activities & games in a farm life which you can do & enjoy making your stay memorable.

  • Painting on Earth Canvas
  • Swimming
  • Trecking
  • Bird Watching


New Challenge Course Starting from Sunday 29th March 2015
Adventure Sport