Tourist Places

  • Ellora Caves

    ellora caves
    UNESCO Cultural heritage Ellora Caves carved during 350-700 AD are just at 5 km distance from Chaitanya Agro Toirism
  • Deogiri Fort

    deogiri fort
    Yadav Era Fort Deogiri is just 15 km from Chaitanya. The fort is one of best fort in the world built during the 12th century by king Bhillama of Yadav dynasty..
  • Bhadra Hanuman

    Bhadra Hanuman
    Spiritually inclined place Bhadra Hanuman is just 9 km away from the farm. It's a piligrimage center in the area.
  • Ghrushneshwar Temple

    ghrushneshwar temple
    Jyotirlingam -A temple of Lord Shiva, one among the 12 in India is at 5 km from the farm.
  • Mhaismal

    hill station
    A scenic hill station with cool breez, nice environment & Lord Balaji temple is 21 km away from Chaitanya.
  • Shulibhanjan

    A small mountain & one & half hour trekking place is just behind the farm. The Kannad Forest Zone starts from Shulibhanjan.